Productivity, Size, Reliability and safety.
The start of a new era in Manufacturing and metal additive printing
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The NXG XII 600

Meet the NXG XII 600

A new era in manufacturing

The NXG Xll 600 is a revolution in industrial manufacturing. The NXG XII 600 was designed for high-volume, serial productions. The arrival of this machine with 12 lasers with 1000 Watts will change supply chains and the common inventory models forever. The integration of this machine in traditional production lines is not just a breakthrough for additive manufacturing, but the start of a new era in manufacturing and metal additive printing. It is built on four core principles: Productivity, size, reliability and safety.

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Laser Power x 12

Dawn of the impossible

The NGX XII 600 is Up to



than a standard single laser system

and Up to



than the slm Solutions quad-laser machine

Lightning fast 3D Printing

Ready for the integration into serial production – Now


fire-to-fire time

  • Integrated Scan Field Partitioning for even load distribution between all 12 lasers
  • Automatic build cylinder exchange
  • Automatic build start
  • External preheating station
  • External depowder station
  • Reduced skywriting time by 50%

Next Level Manufacturing

Evolving supply chains forever

Now, more than ever, serial production with additive manufacturing is here. Implementing the NXG XII 600 into your existing supply chain can increase productivity while significantly reducing the cost per part with the potential to take your manufacturing operations to a new level.

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Our Largest Build Envelope

Size matters

The NXG XII 600 can print substantially larger parts at unmatched quality. It’s equally able to produce a higher yield of parts in a single build job. This enables true mass production at unbeatable production costs. The build envelope is optimized for large parts in the aerospace and automotive sectors, as well as high volume productions.

  • 600x600x600 mm large build envelope
  • 216 litre build cylinder, twice as much as existing machines
  • Print large parts or several small parts in a single print job

build cylinder provides



  • Takes up to twice as much as existing machines in one build job
  • Up to 10.000 kg of produced parts per year

Optical System

Thermal Management

Thermal Management

Constant temperature at all times

Maintaining the exact positions of the key components is crucial for a high-quality build. The NXG XII 600 uses a combination of cutting edge technology to create high productivity with state-of-the-art thermal management.

  • New coating concept of inner process chamber
  • Constant substrate plate temperature independent of the laser power input
  • Extended cooling concept to optical modules

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Maximilian Schniedenharn
Team Lead Process Developement

Parameter Development

Opening new possibilities

With the optimized gas flow set up the NXG XII 600 is able to achieve homogeneous part properties all over the building platform. The zoom functionality of the optical system opens new possibilities in the parameter development.

  • Increased beam diameter of 160 micrometers and increased hatch distance of up to 400 micrometers possible
  • Less vectors
  • Less turnarounds

Material Properties

Material Properties

Freedom of Choice

Manufactured by the NXG XII 600


Manufactured by the NXG XII 600

Engine Housing

precision & Quality

Variable Layer Thickness

Fine features to thorough thickness

The NXG XII 600 is able to produce right through from fine features and delicate patterns to large thicknesses, all while maintaining the highest productivity. Have the freedom to go as big or as small as you desire with the same cutting-edge machine.

Quality and Precision

Like no other

The NXG XII 600 has been designed and manufactured from scratch to include only the finest systems, all trialled and tested to create a first-class quality machine. We have put an extensive amount of work into making sure you can create with confidence. 

  • New thermal concept reduces thermal drift to a minimum
  • 12 lasers align automatically ensuring seamless part printing
  • Optimised chamber design
  • Breakthrough gas flow setup
  • Cutting-edge recoater design


Robust and safe

A revolution within AM

Not only is the NXG XII 600 faster and more productive than any other machine of its kind, it is also one of the most robust. From its programming and hardware engineering, to the way it copes with any errors that may occur, it was built to handle even the most demanding jobs.

  • The latest process gas filter technology maintains a clean process chamber and keeps the process conditions stable for a long period of time.
  • The thermal management ensures high power build jobs over long build times.
  • The fail-safe gravity tank-to-tank solution and closed-loop powder circuit round up the robust setup of the NXG XII 600 ensuring smooth serial production.

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